About Us

Any Type of Loan has been in existence since 2008 so we have been around longer than most. This experience allows us to find market leading products from credible lenders in the property funding sector.

We always strive to find the right product for the borrower and quite often, one size does not fit all.  We look for a combination of the cheapest rates, the highest Loan to Values (LTV), the lowest fees and the quickest service. Additionally, we also work closely with lenders to establish their level of capital available; occasionally, some of the newer lenders struggle to fund developments for instance.

With us guiding you, that will not happen.

We receive a commission from the lender we place you with however, this cost will never be paid for by the borrower. This is a fee that the lenders share with us (Any Type of Loan) and they will charge it regardless of whether you accessed that lender though us or directly, so it makes no difference to the borrower in financial terms. However, our share of that lenders fee is half that of a traditional broker so as well as having a far bigger choice of lenders to choose from, you will also find it much cheaper through ourselves.

We do not provide residential mortgages and/or owner/occupied mortgages. All of the mortgages and finance we source for borrowers is purely for investment purposes. If you are looking to purchase a property with the intention to live in it, then we cannot help you. We are a credit broker, not a lender.