Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a broker or a lender?

We are a credit broker not a lender. We search over 200 lenders to find you the right deal at the right price.

Do I have to pay you an upfront fee?

No. We do not charge any upfront fees.

We simply introduce you to a lender that will meet your needs and they will do the rest. All of the lenders we deal with are duty-bound to be transparent in terms of their fee structure, so there will be no nasty surprises on the way.

Do you only offer property related loans in Finance?

Currently yes we do. We have plans to add other products in the future but for now we are going to concentrate on what we’re good at, products such as bridging loans, development finance, commercial mortgages, buy to let mortgages and other commercial and business finance products.

Will you credit search me when I apply?

Absolutely not.

By applying through any type of you are actually just making an initial enquiry – not a full application. This inquiry is sent filtered through our lending platform of over 200 property finance lenders and only if you meet the criteria for a lender, will you be referred to them. After you have been referred, between you and the lender you will decide whether to to proceed or not.

Do I need to be an experience property developer or landlord before applying for a loan?

It really depends.

If you were applying for a bridging loan for a property that you are buying from auction for example, then you don’t need any experience at all as long as the numbers stack up.

If you are looking for development finance to build a couple of houses on available land then yes, most lenders will want to see that you have some experience of property development and will ask to see evidence of previous properties that you have built and sold. However, if you are to employ or retain the services of an experienced and financially stable main contractor, then a number of lenders will allow you to build a property even if it is the first time that you have done so.

Do you pass my details on to lots of other brokers?

Absolutely not. Once you apply for a loan, your details will work their way through our system and only lenders that can match and meet your criteria, will be selected.

Once they are selected, we will come back to you with details of three lenders who can offer you what you need. If you decide to proceed with a particular lender then of course you will have to submit personal details to them but you will know exactly who you are dealing with. If you do not decide to proceed with any of the lenders that we recommend, then the case is closed and no further communication will take place between you, the lender or ourselves.

How much can I borrow?

That all depends. It depends on what type of product you are selecting and it depends on your personal situation.

Obviously a lender will not be lending a brand-new developer £30 million to build a residential apartment block in Central London. Likewise, they will not be lending millions of pounds to someone who has adverse credit. It also depends on the security in question, for example, if you are looking to buy a piece of land that already has full planning permission and you’re looking to purchase it for £500,000 and you are looking to borrow the full £500,000, then obviously no lender will be willing to do that. That said, loans are available from £50,000-£25 million generally speaking.

Do I need to prove my income?

In 95% of cases, no you won’t. Most bridging loans and development finance loans are based on the security, not the personal financial situation of the borrower. Obviously that differs for buy to let loans and commercial mortgages because affordability will be an issue but generally speaking in the short-term lending world, evidence of income is not required.